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 Welcome to SPQR's Legio Valeria

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PostSubject: Welcome to SPQR's Legio Valeria   Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:27 pm

Hi all i'm Demi Fiend the leader of Valeria.
The legio shares the common rules of SPQR which forbid bots and taxies.
While its curently differ with having most of of the members as euroupian characeters.The ideas of this Legio is the same of all the other legios which is to build aguild full of legits where you can communicate with other people and have fun with no rush to level up shape your charecter in what you like.
My future idea of the guild is to be aeuro central to help all euros make and find parties and know about there builds.
Feel free to write any question.

Demi fiend
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Welcome to SPQR's Legio Valeria
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