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 Warlock guide

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PostSubject: Warlock guide   Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:39 am

Hi this guide is about warlock skills builds and weapons.

Also I am lvl 48 warlock so based upon my experiences and little from other peoples

Full int:
This means that the warlock use 100% of his point on intelligence this will have type will have better damage (still not as much as wizards) and the warlock will gain more mp which he really need
Will have
Hp: 6350
Mp: 21908
Mag balance 96
With no gear
Gives better survivability with less damage but the reasonable hybrid is 9:1 anymore str make stupid damage. Even though not all people will benefit from hybrid in pvp I mean wiz hit wills till be one hit. Could be useful in pve more (I am full int btw)
Hp 8040
Mp 20218
Magic balance about 89%
with no gear
I used nivlam calculator for hp and mp

Sub class
When awarlock take cleric sub class he will have:
Extra healing ability even though warlock can drain hp it isnít enough all time.
Absolute damage the cleric skill over heal will benefit in pvp
Best nuke cleric have askill called offering which have strongest damage ingame
With combining debuff sleep and offering usually iff all work you will the pvp
Holy word agood skill that resist all status
This can wear light armor or robe
When awarlock use robe it give him much extra damage and less survivbilty
Also Robe give 20% less mp consumption which is good for for the warlock considering that he uses a lot of skills at same time
Light armor
This will give more defence and less offence also 10% less mp consumption which isnít as good as robe however when having light armor he will gain more magic and phy def when he switch to cleric it only work when he wear the cleric rod but its good when a lot of mobs get at him he switch to cleric and heal himself to run away.

Also there is askill called charity which is supposed to give acleric more str and int when he is buffed the requirement says cleric rod and light armor but it works to the warlock with light armor (that from my experience if any one can disprove it then maybe the bug has been fixed I am not 100% sure though)

Weapons: warlock rod and cleric rod if cleric harp if bard

When awarlock take cleric sub class he will have:
Extra speed
Warlock will have bards skill moving march which is good when casting aDot (damage over time) on mobs then running away and attacking another mobs while the first one dies
Its good to every one to not be attacked first
This class can only wear robe
Line one :Mind control
Dark seed :increase attack power of DoT
Strap: increase time of DoT
Take all
Line two: Dark Mentalist
At first you get blaze at lvl 4 toxin lvl 10 decayed at lvl 20 curse breath at lvl 40 awarlock can only do two DoTs at the same time so when you get dark breath and decayed you delvl toxin and blaze
Dark blaze Toxin Invasion Dark Decayed and Dark Breath are AoE they attack 3 mobs
Line three: Raze
Take all skills but the skill to reduce phy def is optional as it only benefits in parties since warlock doesnít have phy attack
Line four :Bloody Swarm
Red flower and trap booster
Line five Blood
Blood flower bloody trap Death flower and Death trap
Blood flower is the main nuke attack of warlock
Note (the bloody and cursed traps are like timed bombs you put them you donít know when the explode however they make absolutness damage regardless of lvl).
Also there abug in bloody trap that when you cast it then sleep the monster/player will be sleep until it explode he wont wake up even if you attack him
Line six Soul Preasure
Daze: which make stun most important skills
Fog sight: this skill reduce the attack rating of enemies its not very usefull though
This skill make you transform to random lower lvl chars only for fun I had no use of it
Line seven evil swell
Blood aim is apassive skill that make you drain more hp
Line eight :Cruel Spell
Vampire touch: drain hp and infet disease
Shadow armor : make absolute damage to any one near you for 16 seconds
Scream mask: abuff you cant use on yourself any one who you use it on have achance 35% chance of giving stun to mobs in distance of 15m
Reflect: it have achance of reflecting attacks
Line nine Dim Haze
slumber put an enemy in sleep for 20 seconds but they wake up if you attack them(unless you used bloody trap before putting them to sleep)
wheel Bind: give Chinese 4 pot delay and make euro gain less hp/mp from potions
Mirage:says it decrease agro it doesnít useless
DeepSlumber: sleep 3 mobs
Phantasma : like mirage
Recovery Bind : like wheel bind but attack3

Cleric skills
Take recovery division healing cycle holy word and unless some one prove me wrong charity
Optional glory and favor armor only work in cleric also body and soul blessing to help your part members
The body and soul blessing if you cast them on yourself then switch weapon they disappear if you cast them at any one else then switch they stay however force and mental blessing disappear if you switch
If bard
Noise and moving march only skills I see
Can take guard tambour to switch to bard and cast it when you afk in pts
And thatís it hope it was a helpful guide

Its still not 100% complete there are a lot of stuff I need to make sure of like new skills I think I will update it every 10 lvls I lvl up


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PostSubject: Re: Warlock guide   Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:42 pm

wow nice work Demi!
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Warlock guide
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