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 Alchemy with elixirs

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PostSubject: Alchemy with elixirs   Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:18 am

Alchemy with elixirs is basic way to increase the quality of items. Elixirs are potions which can enchant items to get "plus" .

If we have item with "+" this means that our item is 1 lvl higher than real lvl. Higher lvl, means, our item is stronger, has better stats and higher durability.

There are 4 kinds of elixirs :

- Weapon elixir - for weapon

- Shield elixir - for shiled

- Protector elixir - for clothes

- Accessory elixir - for jewellery

We can get them like drops, by killing mobs or buy them on stalls. The price ( someone asked ) is changing all the time, but weapon elixir is the most expensive, and the most rare.

How to proceed? - In alchemy window we put first our item, than elixir and at the end lucky powder. Than "fuse".

Item + elixir + lucky powder --- FUSE

We can have the succes or fail. If alchemy was succesfull, item will get "+". If alchemy fails, our item will go back on 0.

There are few things to respect when we do alchemy :

- It's recommanded always to repair item before alchemy.

- With elixirs we must always use lucky powder, which is same degree like item we want to alchemize.

- For "heavy" alchemy, means many tries, it's recommanded to put on item "stone of steady" to prevent
the loss of durability ( you must have seen already item with "repair invalid" written with red letters ).

- For alchemy over +4, it's recommanded to put "immortal" and "astral".

- "Immortal" is the magic stone, which we can buy only in item mall. Prevents the loss of item, means, item could sometimes disappear during alchemy with elixirs. It must be the same lvl as item we want to alchemize.

- "Astral" is the magic stone, which we can also only buy in item mall. It's useless to use this stone, before our item reached "+4". After this, if alchemy fails, our item won't fell on 0 but it will stay on +4. It must be the same lvl as item we want to alchemize.

- Premium ticket and Premium plus ticket give more chance for succesfull alchemy.

Next two advices are sort of my personal experience, but I might be wrong. However, it's maybe good idea to try :

- Try to avoid to do alchemy in crowded area, for ex. near storage, because lag has negative influence on the result.

- Don't do alchemy on the crowded days when many ppl are online, for ex. on sunday.

Good luck friends !

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Alchemy with elixirs
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