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 Collecting buddhist scriptures (cave quest)

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PostSubject: Collecting buddhist scriptures (cave quest)   Thu Jul 17, 2008 2:38 am

It's a pain for a quest if you don't know what mobs to kill, well izzy found em..goes as follows:

1.Soil Ghost Bug
Lv 61
Earth Ghost Bug
Lv 63

2.Earth Ghost Warrior
Lv 65
Earth Ghost Soldier
Lv 66

3.Devil Ghost Nachal
Lv 69
Devil Mask Nachal
Lv 70

4. This one was the only champ that i killed to get last book, cause this quest notes that you must kill champs to get books, which is untrue.
Diamond Yachal
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Collecting buddhist scriptures (cave quest)
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