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 Equipment for Euro Character

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PostSubject: Equipment for Euro Character   Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:45 pm

FOr european characters, just like the chinese ones, there are 3 different classes of body equipment, each one providing a different type of protection and different advantages to the user:

-HEAVY ARMOR: Gives high physical defense and low magical defence

_LIGHT ARMOR: Gives equal magic and physical defence to the user, 10% speed increase and 10% MP usage decrease

_ROBE: Gives high magical defense to the user but lower physical defense, 20% speed increase, and 20% MP usage decrease

The stats seem identical to the chinese equipements, but european and chinese equipments differ in many points. Mostly because the europeans equipments depend on the characters mastery.

*So Warrior characters have a choice between light and heavy armor
*Rogue characters use light armor
*Wizzards characters use robe
*Warlock characters use robe
*Bard characters use robe
*And Cleric characters have a choice between light armor and robe

Europeans have the possibility to build 2 different masteries at the same time and then decide from the given options, which one suits them best. For example: A wizzard could have the opportunity to wear light armor, and increase his physical defense, if his second mastery is cleric. CHoose carefully( knowing the different advantages of each class) which option would be the most helpful to you.

Europeans equipments lvl depend on the mastery lvl too. Your will be able to wear an equipment only if the equipment lvl is lower or equal to your mastery lvl. For example: a lvl 23 character, with warrior mastery at lvl 20, cannot wear a lvl 21 heavy armor equipment, even though his character lvl is higher. Keep this law in mind as you build a gap in the game...
PS: This doesn't apply to accessories and weapons

If you have any question don't hesitate.

... I bite ...
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PostSubject: Re: Equipment for Euro Character   Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:49 pm

Nice Andy Smile
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Equipment for Euro Character
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