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 Welcome Praetorians Of Ferrata

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PostSubject: Welcome Praetorians Of Ferrata   Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:57 am

Welcome u sons and daughters of Ferrata, Let us be the tip of the spear for our Army, Let our Enemies fear our footsteps and our friends rejoice in our Victories.

Remember you are never alone, you now have a family within a family, any troubles, questions, difficulties please dont hesitate to ask.

Main thing and never forget, we are here to have fun so enjoy my new children.

By the way PREATORIANS are the elite troops of the Roman Legion, made up of the hardest combat veterans in the army, they had the best weapons and the highest morale so nothing will differ with us. Thats why we will be the elite.

*What we acheive in battle today will echo throughout Eternity - Claudius Orealius Maximus*
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Welcome Praetorians Of Ferrata
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